Back-Riveting Solo

After nearing completion of the wing top skin riveting, there are a few that I just can't quite reach. It turns out that back-riveting is actually very easy if you combine a back-riveting bar with a large rare-earth magnet covered in tape. In my case, this is a stack of magnets extracted from old hard drives.


To avoid scratching the inner surface and to make sliding easy, wrap the magnet in several layers of painter's tape. magnet + tape

Tie some paracord and a small carabiner to your bucking bar to anchor it in case it departs the area unexpectedly! This magnet provides far more holding force than is required. magnet

Place the bucking bar over the rivet (and tape if desired). magnet

Place the magnet above the rivet and then slide it sideways until it snaps to the bucking bar on the opposite side. Position above, and as close as possible to the rivet head. By placing it above the rivet on a vertical surface we're letting gravity assist in pressing the bucking bar against the rivet head and dimple area. magnet

Results: magnet